I'm thinking my son may be diabetic

My 17 year old son was complaining about being thirsty all the time and he has to get up at night to pee most of the time. I checked his BG and it was 107 a couple hours after pizza. I took him to the doctor and they found trace amounts of ketones, tested his BG at 105 and ordered an a1c that came in at 5.0. They told me there are no worries he is not diabetic. From what I have learned since my DX is that these are NOT normal BG value's for a 17 year old healthy person. Should I insist on antibody testing? If the doctor blows me off what would my next action, if any, be? I am GAD+ at an early stage of LADA.

One other important note, he is 5foot five inches, eats plenty and is a thin 133 pounds.

Trace amount of ketones can be from startvation ketones, or ketones that happen from an overnight fast, or even being sick (especially given a BG of 107 which isn't overly abnormal - our hospital glucose range is from 70-110 - and remember there may be differences with normal ranges in venous blood glucose and capillary BG which is what we are testing with our meter). 107 a couple hours after pizza doesn't sound unreasonable (to me anyway) and an a1c of 5 is normal non-diabetic range. I don't know what antibody testing would contribute at this point. I would think if you are concerned the next step might be an oral glucose tolerance test. The BG tests you have mentioned aren't at levels to diagnose diabetes. I belive random BG for diagnosis is >180. The Joslin guidelines for diagnosis are an A1c of >6.5% on two separate occasions. The thirstiness and urinary frequentcy may be atrributable to many things. You can also try testing him more frequently if you are concerned and logging it - fasting, 2 hours after meals and what he had for a meal. I am not a doctor however, just my opinion.

Relax....I don't see diabetes here.....32 yrs experience. Check again in a few months.

I agree with everyone else; those are normal values. But if he continues having symptoms, more exploration is certainly a reasonable idea. I assume he has already been tested for urinary tract infections? Frequent thirst and urination are classic symptoms of diabetes, but they could certainly have other meanings, maybe something as simple as his eating and drinking habits. Your son isn't even in the pre-diabetes range which is diagnosed with an A1C of 5.7.

Those BGs with ketones would likely mean starvation ketones, a common experience if he's not eating enough carbs. I would not be overly worried, but given that you are LADA, it would probably be good to monitor with a home BG check once a week or so at random times.