Image Upload not working

Just to let our members know, image upload is not working. This is when you try to post an image in a reply to a topic (the little upward pointing arrow symbol).

we’ve reported it, and hopefully it will get fixed soon


Tough for the image association thread…

Explains why I couldn’t get my image to upload

I actually find it much faster (and probably less taxing on the TU infrastructure) to use an image hosting service when I want to post one here. This is free:


hopefully they’ll fix it today

@DrBB, would you be willing to post some instructions for our members to understand how to use this service?

Sure. One caveat is that I’m doing this from desktop and haven’t tried it from a mobile device. I think that should work more or less the same way but there are a lot of variables there. Anyway…

The initial screen lets you set a couple of parameters: you can resize the image if your original is oversized/hi-res and set an expiration if you only need it to be available temporarily. Mostly I assume you’d want to use “No expiration” for anything you’re posting here but the re-sizing options might be handy. They contain descriptors (avatar image, thumbnail, message board etc) that make that pretty self-explanatory.

Then hit “Choose images” to select the one(s) you want from your local files. This uploads your image and gives you a choice of ways to link to it. Simplest one is the second, “Direct link.” The way the TUD system works, if you just copy that link and paste it into your post, the image should automatically appear, as in this picture of my beautiful granddaughter:

That’s it!


update, image upload is now working