Immunisation and diabetes

Does anyone have any information about immunisation and the increase in autoimmune diseases?
I have just done some research into the history of immunisation as my mother in law thinks there is a strong link between my husband’s violent reaction to the MMR vaccine at age 2 and his consequent diagnosis with Type 1 at 8 years old.
Is it a coincedence that autoimmune diseases are on the rise since the introduction in the of the Polio, BCG and MMR vaccines? Does anyone have any info or similar stories?


I became a diabetic at 18 months old after getting a MMR shot. I have also heard other people saying that the same thing happend to them too.

My T1 diabetes came as a result of getting sick from a common viral illness and a resulting autoimmune attack on my body. I was 40 year old at the time.

I think there are a small number of folks who have adverse reactions to immunization shots. I also think there are bigger consequenses for folks and communities who are not immunized. A few years ago, we had a big outbreak of tuberculosis where I live due to people not being immunized. We also had a case of a nearby family with a child with polio, if you can believe it in this day and age, due to their decision to forgo immunization.