In a restaurant, the Cook is not my Nutricianist


I have a bit of worldly wisdom that I cite from time to time. I tell my wife, “The cook is not my nutricianist,” meaning that I can pick what I want to eat and I don’t have to eat something simply because the cook put it on the plate.

There needs to be another aphorism for Diet Coke. Something like, “The waiter is not treating my diabetes.”

Yes, I ordered Diet Coke to go with a blue cheese burger that I was going to eat only the insides of. I got home and I was 204, so I used 6 units of Humalog, I walked around the block to aid absorption, and I checked again. I was 224! I went up!

I used 6 more units of Humalog and walked around the block again. Checking once more, I was 236 ! I used 6 units of Humalog. My wife went to bed and I walked around the block again. Finally my numbers came down. I nibbled two crackers and I was fine. It was 3am.

Obviously, the careless waiter had given me sugared Coke. Grrrrr ! The new mantra holds. “The waiter is not treating my diabetes.” Indeed he is not!


Hate when that happens. I have started carrying water flavors with me because it’s not worth the risk.


Yep. I actually like … water!


That’ why I just order scotch, they can’t screw that up :slight_smile:


That’s happened to me a couple of times. Luckily I was able to take one taste and send it back.


OMG this happened to me last night! I ordered diet pop and could not figure out why my bg kept going sky high no matter how much I bolused. Then it dawned on me they probably gave me the sugar-full version. I’m going to have to switch to boring water from now on. I still feel awful.

Edit: I think I will have to check pop with my meter before drinking it from now on.


If you can’t taste the difference easily, there is one other option: use a test strip (Diastix or something similar) to check for sugar in the drink. That could get expensive, though, if you eat out a lot. But then again, if you can afford to eat out a lot, maybe it doesn’t matter . . . :wink:


This past summer I was dining out and asked the waiter for some salt to sprinkle in olive oil. He came back with a small bowl of white specks. I sprinkled it liberally onto the olive oil. But it just didn’t taste right. Finally, I asked him why it tasted so sweet. Yep, he had mistakenly brought SUGAR instead of salt!! Needless to say, I haven’t been back to that restaurant!