Me and D: Thank You, Waitress!

thanks to the waitress who saved my blood sugars! :slight_smile:

Ahh… Wonderful caring service-oriented people still exist! I have had bad experiences in the past dealing with similar situations…I would have hugged her myself!

I can’t tell you how often I’ve had a waitress bring me a regular soda and swear that it was diet. I hate stubborn people in a service industry. When I worked at Starbucks I can’t tell you how many times I just smiled at a customer and said, “That non-fat tastes like 2%? Well let me remake that for ya then.”

Nice blog post. :slight_smile:

I can’t tell the difference between diet and regular either. Probably all the hot sauce I use. In the end, I have actually given up on ordering any soda when I am out. I order water or ice tea. I may be a bonehead, but even I can tell the difference between unsweetened and sweetened ice tea.

What a story! With fountain drinks, I can’t seem to tell all the time. I heard about people who used to carry around TesTape (an old urine-test product which comes in a continuous roll), and rather than pee on the tape, they’d put a drop of soda on it to make sure it’s really Diet.

How about a “shout out” to the restaurant and, if you remember, the waitress’s name?

thanks for all the kind words, guys! :slight_smile: