Medtronic Infusion sets

Hi Folks. I’m sure this has to happen to many of you. I have 30 quick sets boxes of 10 9mm infusion sets. Total 300. My body type has changed and need 6mm instead of 9mm. Can anyone recommend where to trade all or a few of these with other members for other types of infusion sets or shorter cannula length?

I’ve never exchanged infusion sets but I have donated glucose sensors to a local doctor who passes them on to whomever needs them and can’t afford them.

So one option might be to see if someone on your medical team could either work out an exchange or direct you to someone else in your community who could help with that.

You can not return them as far as I know. You can donate them. I have donated mine to shelters.

Trading is not allowed for prescription items on this site. Nor any I am aware of. Usually returns are only allowed within 10 days of receipt, if at all. I do suggest shelters, the donation site I posted above and local diabetes groups who may need them for camps etc.

30 boxes is a lot, just an observation.

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Yes. A family member switched pumps. Like others I’m self employed so insurance is not a option for me so I try to buy them yearly. I normally don’t see these issues with people that have insurance. I will probably donate some of them. A prescription seems crazy for this type of item.

You can likely use the infusion sets because they will work with any pump. I used up mu old Medtronic ones with my tandem. Just the tubing and cartridge I could t use

The medtronic quick-sets connect differently than the Autosoft/Mio-type sets, so don’t see how they would connect to Tandem cartridge. But if you know a way, I would switch back to Quick-sets in a heartbeat.

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It has long been known across many industries that consumables are where you make your real profits, and alas insulin pumps are no exception. They don’t want to make them inter-compatible—the incentives for forcing you into their “ecosystem” are too high.

@Rphil2 is correct, We cannot allow the exchange, sale or giveaway of items that require a prescription from a licensed health care professional as it is unlawful to do so. Examples of prescription items include but are not limited to: insulin pumps, insulin pump supplies, continuous glucose monitors and related supplies and insulin.

Technically speaking the OP did not offer them for trade but rather asked where he could do so. My answer to this question is, Not here in the forum.

I have closed this topic to prevent any transaction from actually taking place here in the forum.