In need of Guardian 3 transmitter after upgrade to Medtroinc 780g

Edit: Going to try using the Guardian 3 sensors with the new system per the comments below.

I just got off the line with Medtronic…

I am looking for a Guardian 3 transmitter(part that plugs into sensors) if anyone has one. I am in warranty, but they will not send me a new one.

Alternately I have 3 old transmitters that just won’t charge anymore which may suggest that they have a battery inside that may be replaceable. (Maybe they don’t have too many charges before they burn out?) Has anyone done this?

I was on the 770g and recently upgraded to the 780g.

Be very careful when you chose to upgrade if you have a lot of sensors that work with the Guardian 3 transmitter for the 670 or 770g. THEY (edit:told me that they) DO NOT WORK WITH THE NEW TRANSMITTER. If your old transmitter breaks like mine did, they will not replace it even if it is in warranty. They will only warranty one transmitter at a time and now I am on the 4.

I do have the order of sensors for the new transmitter but I have thousands of dollars worth of sensors for the old one.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

You CAN use the Guardian 3 sensors with the Guardian 4 transmitter. They are the exact same sensor!! The difference is in the transmitter. The sensors are exactly the same. Go ahead and use you G3 sensors with your new transmitter. Medtronic has a history of giving an existing product a new name or SKU. Those “new” 7 day reservoirs? Exactly the same as the regular ones. When the 770 pump came out with the new Bluetooth transmitter they gave some boxes of sensors a new number and said they were for the 770 pump but they were exactly the same as the sensors for the 670 and those are still the same sensors they’re using for the 780. They call them Guardian 4 to match the new transmitter. The transmitter is what controls the algorithm and is why the sensor doesn’t require calibrations.


Medtronic was open with me about the 670g sensors working for the 770g when I upgraded.

I’m glad you responded. I also found where the FDA states you can use the 3 sensors

I’ll give the old guardian 3 sensors a go!


Someone, maybe on Facebook, had posted something from the FDA site from when Medtronic had submitted the 780g. That document actually said there was no change between the Guardian 3 & 4 sensors. I think they don’t want people to know that, especially people who have had a bad experience with the Guardian 3 sensors. If people think they’re new and better, they’re happier. I can’t find that page now.

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Were you able to use a Guardian 3 sensor with the Guardian 4 transmitter? My daughter is upgrading her 770g to 780g with the Guardian 4 transmitter and I have several boxes of 3 sensors.

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Yes, this works!!! I am currently fighting with MiniMed to get more Guardian 4 transmitters and have 4 boxes of Guardian 3 transmitters left. My husband looked at both of them and said they were identical so we inserted a 3 tansmiter and plugged my Guardian 4 into it last night. My readings have been the same for about 12 hours now! Minimed is just being sneaky and trying to get more money out of patients and insurance :rage:

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