670G Replacement Pump - start over

While discussing the procedure for connecting my new Guardian transmitter with a Medtronic tech, it turns out the serial number on the back of my pump had worn off. The rep then highly recommended replacing my pump with a new one to avoid the possibility of being unable to identify it in an emergency situation when the screen could not be accessed

I accepted the replacement offer but just realized I may now need to go through six more months of the new algorithm learning my daily patterns. Anybody else have experience in replacing a 670 G and having to go through the learning process all over again.

Why don’t they know the serial number - you should be able to log on to medtronic and find it

use a brother label printer to put the serial number on the pump

and lastly tell the tech to go to hell

Haven’t experienced it, but at least you should be able to start off with your previous settings already dialed in, which is huge. For me that was a big part of the slow acclimation process, because for every incremental change the algorithm required something like five days to implement it, and if you have to go through a lot of iterations to get to the right configuration that really builds up. Plus there’s the human learning curve: getting through your head all the ways it just isn’t like the standard pump you were used to (assuming this isn’t your first experience with a pump); learning that you really really really need to be 100% accurate in your carb counts and including every single bit of carb you eat, etc. You should have the mental part of it down, which is a big hurdle for a lot of newbies.

Full disclosure: I eventually bailed on the whole auto thing, but that had more to do with the sensors than the algorithm per se.

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Your learning replaces every two weeks. The shortest amount of time you should run in manual mode is about 3 days the longest is about 7 days, If you want to be extra secure run it for 14 days but after day 14 day one drops off and is replaced by day 15. In fact even on day 14 the results form yesterday play a bigger role in deciding treatment than day 14. In other words the 14 days are a weighted average with day one more important than day 3 and day 3 more important than day 4.

It will not take six months to get to the best place. In manual mode as Dr BB says just copy your settings.

Note: I am a Medtronic ambassador. My opinions are my own. They did not pay me to say nice things about Medtronic devices or the company. OK, they sent me a shirt and a cup but even I am more expensive than that.

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  1. Sounds like the tech just wanted to document the call including the serial number. If you can’t access it, I say too bad for Medtronic. Besides which, there must be a record of the serial number when it was either first purchased, or if it was replaced with a refurbed unit.

  2. “emergency situation”??? What the devil does THAT mean? If I’m in an accident, I don’t think my life depends upon the serial number of the pump. That is so far out there as to be beyond ludicrous.

  3. If it were me, and it is a big deal to switch pumps, I’d talk with them again and let them know they are getting the replacement back–not my pump that has a worn-off serial number. I’ve no idea myself about 670 pumps learning issues and have no plans to ever “upgrade” from my 530G to a 670.

The serial no can easily be found on the pump screen or on the box the pump came in.

The emergency situation referred to a situation when I needed assistance with a malfunctioning pump when I was away from home and the pump screen was inoperable. Under these circumstances, Medtronic would need to know the serial no. of the pump in order know how best to assist with the specific model.

It wasn’t a requirement to replace the pump but rather a recommendation. At the time, I thought it was a good opportunity to exchange my 15 month old pump for a new one.

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This seem quite extreme, why would you say that.

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Why would they need another pump when you can take a brother label maker and put the serial number on the back

I despise medtronic

spend 8 grand because of a label is what is extreme

I could fixit for less then 2 cents

It was under warranty (15 months old) so no cost to replace the pump.

The partial serial number can be found on 530G screens–I wonder if its the same way for the newer models? When I call in for tech support and they ask for the serial, they want me to give them the complete number as shown on the back of the pump, rather than the partial number located on the “escape” screen.

They know the serial number - it’s medtronic games -

like if you call and speak to Joan and then have to call 2 minutes after the call is ended you still have to answer the same silly 320 questions over again even thou you spoke to her 2 mins ago.

The serial number is found on the status screen of the 670g. Go to pump and cursor down until you see model and serial number. No need to look on back where its worn off. Medtronics customer service should tell you that if you call them