In need of some major help!

My skin is so dry and so itchy. When I scratch it it is just like paper. it tears. Where I live, it is generally warm and humid, but for the past week or so, it has been “cold” 50’s. Anyways, it seems that ever since Diabetes came into my life, I itch badly. Anyone know of any great cream that will keep me from scratching. It is mainly my legs that itch so bad. Any cream, remedies, anything at this point. My legs look like I got into a fight with a sticker bush!

i’d go for the Cetaphil.

my doctor recomends Sarna

I use a soy lotion. It does not have all of the alcohol that regular lotions have. It is hypo allergenic. I can also customize the scent.

I have tried a million things as I get flare ups with itchy skin every winter and have even sought help from a dermatologist. I do believe it is diabetic related, but what has really worked for me this year out of all of the creams, lotions, and potions I have tried, is Lubriderm Intense Skin Repair, it just came out this year.

smells BAD, works great, CHEAP!!!

Udder Cream. I use it on my old infusion sites and CGMS sites, it’s better on scars than the $20 per 1/2 ounce scar treatments in tiny tubes. (This comes in a BIG 12 oz. jug for about $6, IIRC.)

But it’s not anti-itch. If your skin damaging is CAUSING the itchiness, this will probably fix it-- but if the itching is primary for some reason, and the dryness and damage comes ONLY from your scratching, it won’t solve your problem.

Doesn’t sound that way, though-- you’re saying that the weather change and skin damage came first, so this will do it. Only major problem is, you’re gonna smell like an old folk’s home-- you’ll probably be wanting to use an aggressive perfume to cover it up.

Hi, my son who is 2/12 has the same problem. I used Gentle Natural’s that I had used for my sons cradle cap. It comes in a blue tube and can be found in the baby isle. I use it on my hands when they are very dry and cracked and my babys cheeks and chin, he is a huge drooler. It is always better the next day. There is usually a coup in the box. If you the web site there is a $2.00 rebate. I will try to attach. It is called baby Eczema cream. I wish you the best.

Aquaphor by Eucerin - dermatologist recommended.
Cetaphil was recommended for the face for my son - for sensitive skin.

Consistency, consistency, consistency in daily application is key also.