In need of test strips

perfect then! Do you need any OneTouch strips? I have tons and would love to trade :slight_smile: I really want to try out the Coutour meter but I have no strips.

Anyone in dire need of compact puls? I have tons! I have a few T1 friends at work and we all traded around as to who prefeered which meter. I guess Im the only one who likes the drum.
Not to brag, but our insurance is great, I don’t even have a co pay for strips/lancets.

wow you are so lucky, I love my Compact Plus but i have to pay for 100% of the strips. Maybe I could buy some off of you for cheap :wink: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: My insurance ONLY covers OneTouch strips, and I hate those meters. I use a Freestyle Flash and a Compact Plus

I definitely don’t need lancets, i think everyone has ample lancets haha. But sure I’ll send you a message about trading

…wait is there no private messaging on tudiabetes? what? if not you can IM me on AIM: mytypeone or Yahoo: djchones825

oh hey! you’re in the dancers group too, nice!!!

I have the new black one, and i’ve been buying the test strip drums for it, they’re so expensive it’s insane

eh, the strips really bother me, the problem isn’t that they take a lot of blood (which compared to the rest they do) it’s just that it takes it in so slowly, and as SOON as blood touches it it beeps and starts taking a sample. It just leads to a lot of wasted strips because I never get enough blood RIGHT away.

Hi Kenny! I can send you 1 vial :slight_smile: I know it’s not much but I can get it to you (the strips are the same as One Touch Ultra Mini right?.. At least I think so)

Send me a message and I’ll send it to you :slight_smile:


My son’s glukometer broke on the 28th December - I have a spare but its battery was dead. And on a Sunday we coudn’t find a meter or strips or a battery!! It a long story of telephone calls, fights and everthing (I’m not going into detail here) We only received new ones this week a month later!! (now we have 3 :slight_smile: ) But that was really after a battle!! So still we are way way way behind you. I told my husband yesterday I think we should move to the states!!! Everthing so much easier there!!

I can send you a couple viles of OneTouch strips, send me a message and let me know if you want them

I am going to get a True2Go meter tomorrow, I wonder if it still has coupons and rebates on the front that make it basically ‘free’?