In need of Tslim Supplies?

I happen to have some boxes of Autoset 90s (which I hate but Edgepark kept sending me for months because they must’ve been out of the XCs or something) as well as cartridges. I was saving both for a rainy day when I lost my health insurance unexpectedly, but I’ve now moved into an apartment with less storage and no longer have the luxury to be a diabetes hoarder.

So, if you have a need (and I’m looking for someone with an actual NEED), I have 4 boxes each of Autoset 90s and cartridges to give away for the Tslim Pump. The only thing I may ask from you is to pay for shipping costs above $15 if the costs are high.

Please send me a message if you’re in need and I’ll work on getting these out to you. Better used than just working on expiring in my cabinet!

I had a similar situation, but was able to send my Autosoft 90s back to Tandem and they sent me XCs in exchange. So that may be another option for you. Tandem paid shipping for me to send back 90s, and boxes had not been opened.

Many DME suppliers were backordered on XCs due to mfg issues.

Thanks for the info! I’ll have to try exchanging the few boxes I am keeping that way! I thought about going through Edgepark, but they’re such a nightmare it just didn’t seem worth it.

I have extra reservoirs also if anyone needs some.

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