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Just got my sons first pump in the mail! Yay! Tslim x2! We ordered T30 infusions sets but got Comfort Shorts. Customer service said they didn’t think Edgepark carries Tandem angled infusion sets with the automatic applicator. I am positive my son won’t allow me to manually insert the 13mm needle. He doesn’t mind the automatic insertion. We also ordered T90s but they’re on back order. His educator thinks he might be too thin for the 90’s anyway. Anyone have suggestions?

Not my area of knowledge, but I did want to pop up and say welcome to TuD, @T1Mom6! Lots of expertise here and lots of experienced people happy to share their knowledge–hope you’ll stick around after getting answers to this specific question.

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Can you try another distributor?

We get our Tandem Supplies from CCS Medical. I just received 90 days of T90 with no issues of backorder.

Are these the ones you ordered? I also use Edgepark (and T- slim)

My diabetes educator gave me some infusion sets on short notice. You might give a call to yours. And I had nothing but trouble with Edgepark. Switched to Solara.

Those are the ones I got but I ordered the t:30s with the insertion device. I looked online and found the product that customer service said they didn’t carry. Lol Called them back and had them switch the order again. I think we’re good now but we will see.

Might be what I have to do. Doesn’t look good so far.

I’ve had trouble with my rep returning phone calls. Always get voicemail and it says “leave a message and I will get back with you before the end of the next business day”, but I never get a return call until around a week later.

That’s too bad, sorry to hear that. I’ve only had one error by Edgepark and they fixed the problem quickly. Hope they get better for you, there’s enough other more important things to worry about.

My 13yo uses the T90 and he is on the slim side. he is real active in organized sports, and we have not had an issue yet. due to the backorder (Very Frustrating) we used a T30 last night that our educator gave us. he was really apprehensive and did say that it hurt more.

We finally got both t30 and t90. Turns out only blue 90s were on back order. I told them grey was fine! Lol He said the 30s definitely hurt more than dexcom. I think it was pulling the needle out that hurt him. It was awkward for me so probably caused him a little more pain. We do site change tonight so I’m going to try the 90s. We might end up getting boxes of both every month. I think 90s will be fine on his belly and arms but his legs might need the 30s. We will see!

Wow - I would be seriously aggravated if the backorder was strictly color based for something that likely doesn’t even make a difference. Blue vs Grey on a transparent infusion set? Would have been nice for them to let you know and ask if the other color would work.

In any event it is great you received your supplies.

Are you on a 30-day reorder program or a 90-day? 90-day is nice you have to do it less often but 30-day gives you the option to try different things out more frequently. Advantages either way.

I know! Silly…especially when I had no infusion sets a few days prior to pump day. I would have taken pink if they were out of the others. I noticed it specifies blue on the orders so went to their site to check on the other colors. Once I saw they were in stock I called and let them know that color was not an issue and we needed them asap. Of course they had to get a new prescription for the grey ones! Had to call back a couple days later and ask why they hadn’t shipped. They overnighted them that night and apologized. They made me nervous coming down to the last minute. We get 2 boxes every 30 days. We tried the 90s last night and they were much easier and less painful to insert. I hope they work out because I would like to keep them!

We use the T90’s also and have also tried the 30 and didn’t like them.

That is great that it did work out for you (eventually) !!!


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