In search of better tape

I use a few IV 3000 patches to secure my CGM sensor and infusion set while I run, but because I sweat, they never seem to do their job on long runs. Does anyone have any advice on a product that sticks and breaths, as opposed to shriveling up under the stress of running?



Hey Jamie,
Hope you are doing well! I saw that blog post about that scary low you had the other day-- sheesh!! I have been there after running, too, though! Yikes.
On your search for better tape, I think I mentioned before that I used the CGM for a very brief period of time this past summer, but had trouble with the underlying adhesive. Well, I told my mom about my gripes with it, and she got me a bunch of prep pads and random samples of tape (she’s a nurse and a CDE!). I still have some left over, and I doubt I will need it any time soon, so drop me an email if you want me to mail a little collection to you. I have a big variety of prep pads (do you want to try any of those? Or are you sure it’s the tape?), and a few types of tape. I think I also called Medtronic and told them that I was disappointed in the adhesive, and they also sent me a “tape kit” or something. Or maybe it was a prep kit. I can’t remember, and I can’t seem to find it in my closet full of supplies (but I might still have it). Anyway, let me know if you want me to send you any of the samples!

Thanks so much Katie… I do use the IV Prep on infusion sets, though not on the CGMS sensors, as they advise against it for those. Pretty sure it’s the tape… Ordinarily things stick, just that the tape gets messed up with sweating - in fact the adhesives on the infusion sets and sensors are usually all that’s left holding them in after a sweaty run, so I think I really just need a new tape.

I really appreciate your offer, and will email you offline - it would be great to try some samples out to see what actually works before ordering…

THANKS AGAIN, and hope things are going well for you too!