Praying for a cure!

Hey there, my name is Aira I am 31 years old. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes after the doctor found sugar in my urine at a routine maternal checkup, this was @ approx. 8weeks pregnant, she sent me to the lab for further testing and sure enough my BG was high, I started on insulin injections right away and had a very healthy baby girl through c-section @ 36 weeks, she weighed 7lbs 12oz. At the hospital they checked my sugars and they were back to normal range - nothing to worry about, great just pregnancy induced, next time we try atleast I know what I am up against. About 18 months later we are going to try for another, but I am having a reaccuring infection and deceide maybe I need a good check up just make sure all is well before getting prego again. See the dr, run the test, they check my blood sugar 253, I haven’t eaten in 3 hours and all it was was a sandwich, that shouldn’t make my sugar that high afterall it was just gestational and my sugars were back to normal. The PA was convinced it was Type 2 and I needed to start on Glocophage right away and maintain a diabetic diet and excercise. HELLO, I am 25, 5’3" and 118lbs and no family history of diabetes, are you crazy? I dont have Type 2 diabetes. After a long talk with the PA, I conviced her to do a pregnancy test because I was not going to take that medication that I knew I could not get pregnant on or carry a baby if I was infact currently pregnant, it crosses the placenta and would kill my baby. She told me before the test there was no way possible I was pregnant based on when my last cycle was. Low and behold I was less than a week pregnant. Okay, that explains the high blood sugar. On to the OB/GYN we go, he wants to do a A1C an A1 what? He explains that this will tell him alot of info regarding the last 3 months BG. The results come back 6.8, this is good as far as the pregnancy is concerned but as far as diabetes, I am told I will always be a diabetic and probably always be on insulin. I thought after the pregnancy the diabetes should go away right… WRONG! My second beautiful little girl was born @ 39 weeks weighing 7lbs 6oz, now thats an awesome birth weight for a diabetic mother. I tried then to maintain with diet and excercise, a bit of denial. By the time my infant was 6 months old I was so sick and weighing a whopping 89lbs (talk about some ketoacidosis), I was forced to see the doctor. I then stared on injections for about a year with tons of lows on Lantus, my doctor recommended the pump. That was in Sept 2003 and I’ve been a pumper since. I have had good and bad times with this pump by my side but we will get through them all. And as for me I end everyday praying for a cure.

wow, what a great story! thanks for sharing.

That’s quite some story. Good for you, sticking up for yourself when the medical folks were insisting it must be something else.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the Dexcom have a look at their website, or see the various things about Dexcom on the diabetes search engine.

It’s working fairly well for me and the costs are a little lower than the Minimed. Though you might want to wait till early next year. I’ll bet there’ll be more CGM choices by then.