The Cure :D haha

This past month has been of some difficult situations and some others so good that make me laugh. I bet we all have those days in which our sugar goes crazy! right??

Today, I want to convince you that it doesn't matter how many times you fall, what really matters is how many times you can stand up and say "Battle isn't over, at least not for me" although We are all stuck in an endless war I'm sure the cure is there and it involves more than just insulin, glucometers and a balanced diet.

The cure involes YOU and your perceprtion, the way you look at things. There's a scene in the movie called "love Happens" were the writer takes a group of people to the streets of the city in middle of the traffic and asks them "what do you see?" eventually they all answer things like "Noises" "Cars" "middle fingers" and then he takes them to the top of a building and asks them again "what do you see?" they say "the Ocean" "the Sun" "people" "a beautiful view" and he says "okay, Now I know what you all see but do you know what? is exactly the same thing you saw down there but with a different perspective"

And that is what we all should do, see things in a different way that's the perfect cure for anyone in our situation because living without accepting who you really are is not living, remember we are the soldiers, Insulin our weapon, Sugar our Ally and who is our enemy? the answer is simple.

WE are our own enemy because if we don't act correctly, the weapon will not be useful. A soldier has to follow his or her own strategy to have it's enemy as an ally, in our cause a stategy would be having a balanced diet, an exercise routine AND being positive about us all the time.

Make Sugar your Ally byee :-) smiles to everyone!


I agree with you, and I had to figurue that out the hard way , as I was put to the ultimate test, going through 4 years in federal prison as a brittle type1 , and I cam out a diabetic Man that persevered in the face of adversity, and you are 100, its not if and how a man or woman gets knocked down … but how he gets up … keep up the positive attitude…

Thanks :smiley:

Thank you so much for this blog entry, perhaps the most positive and inspirational post I’ve read here in a long long time.

I like to think that I, too, have found this cure…the only cure I believe I will see in my lifetime.

It is very easy to complain about a million things when it comes to diabetes. Just look around the site…there is no shortage of diabetics just like you and I except that they spend their days under this huge cloud of negativity, frustration, and anger. But really, how long can one live like this without going mad?

The few courageous Type 1 warriors like yourself understand the true nature of this disease, and realize that happiness in life is always possible and, in fact, as simple as changing your perspective. Unfortunately, some of us choose to focus only on the wrong aspects of this disease and then live as a perpetual “victim” of diabetes.

As for the “war” on diabetes…I, personally, have already decided to surrender. I know that I cannot defeat this unbeatable foe…I don’t believe any of us can. I can only accept it…Type 1 is as much a part of me as my hands, my eyes and my ears. I’m happy with the way that I am, wholly and completely.

Thanks again for your beautiful perspective, I hope your message spreads among those of us that need it the most.

Your right! LOVE THAT ATTITUDE! We all get down at different times but your blog has helped me see that maybe I’m not looking at things right!

Thanks to everyone who commented :slight_smile:

I love people who are sooooo positive haha and thanks for reading my blog!!