Incredibly tired

Just got home from work a short while ago. So tired now. Just felt like sleeping most of the afternoon, but kept working. Not as fast as I could have done, but at least I kept working!
My dear after lunch friends, Mr headache and Mrs drowsyness came to visit me as usual about an hour after lunch. And they stayed with me basically all afternoon… Even my workmate who was working next to me, said I looked very tired.
Still haven’t gotten the test results from last week’s tests. Really hope it will come tomorrow. And I really hope it will show something! I know I run high after meals. Just hope the doctor can see it too on the tests they took… I’d rather get a diagnose of a disease that will never go away, and know why I feel the way I do, and have the possibility to do something about it, than having it the way it is now…

Darn… I can’t even think clearly… Feeling quite lightheaded and it feels like my brain is in one place and my body in another. Quite funny feeling really.