Left my brain in bed this morning

And realised when I was nearly at work, that I had left my mobile phone at home! I had my other mobile with me, but it’s the one I just have because everyone has that number. My main phone has a danish number, so my employer call that phone, and my parents when they know I’m at work.
I was even more grumpy and moody today just because of this… My temper can be a tad bit shorter now anyways because the tiredness is really getting to me, but I’m too stubborn so I don’t let it show too much, and I definitely don’t let it out over my workmates- other than being at war against sloppy picked orders when I’m checking and sending them! At least now it’s just one day to go before having the weekend off! I really hope I’ll get to do the small orders tomorrow, like I did on monday and tuesday. Then I do have enough energy to at least keep a decent work pace. Yesterday and today I’ve been doing big orders, and things I used to feel was light, feels like lifting a ton now! I simply don’t have the energy to work fast with those heavy things!
If my hair was dry now, I’d probably already head to bed… Usually coffee can keep me going for quite some time. I can even get sleeping problems if I drink too much of it. Now I have to have several cups everyday just to keep going, and I still sleep like a stone at night! I just hope my stomach won’t crash from all that coffee, then I’m doomed!
Still haven’t gotten the test results from last week. Will see if I have time to call the clinic tomorrow. Depends on how busy it is at work. I just really hope the tests has showed something, so there’s something I can do about this tiredness and general blahness. I know I run high, so it really should show up in some way I think… Or I’ll have to insist on a tollerance test!

Atleast you have a brain! LOL I gave mine up years go with when the kids were babies now with my granddaughters I have to find the pee-pee and poop kind of talk again, not that easy when your used to speaking your mind! HA!! Please let us know what you find out when you call the clinic. As for the tiredness that has always been when I run high. I tend to get alot more tired when I’m running over 200. Not to say you should do that but…