Induction Stage Of Atkins Diet!

Hi everyone!Happy New Year!

Thanks for all of your advice on my last post....but I have a few more questions!Im thinking about following the Atkins diet but the induction phase seems too severe...would I have hypos?Have any other type 1 diabetics followed the induction phase of the atkins diet and seen weight loss?

Keep in mind that Atkins is about losing weight & not about managing diabetes. This isn't to say that you can't do both on Atkins, but Dr. B's guidelines are more reasonable to me. The induction phase of no more than 20 grams for two weeks is pretty severe. By matching insulin correctly to carbs you shouldn't have lows.

The understanding behind Dr. B is to get your body used to eating a consistent amount of carbs & protein daily to fine tune insulin doses to prevent wild BG swings. Lowering carbs to 20 grams for a couple of weeks & then raising carbs later is a lot of changes to doses which isn't worth the trouble.

Also bear in mind that the other phases of Dr. Atkins allow for a good deal of protein that also effect BG.

Thanks Gerri!Good advice!xx

I've never felt that the Atkins induction at 20g of carbs is all that different than Dr. B at 30 g of carbs. The Atkins induction is about adaptation and then you increase your carbs to your "tolerance." Dr. B has an attitude that you just need to deal with it, but for many people that adaptation and the "Atkins flu" can be a challenge. If you can do Dr. B, you can do Atkins induction and vice versa. I found the book New Atkins for Youto have a good discussion of the diet.

Also remember that Dr. B says cut protein to loose weight. The idea behind this is that a certain amount of protein turns to glucose eventually. It might be easier to cut protein rather than to cut that last 10 grams of carbs to achieve Dr. Atkins 20 grams.