Infected big toe

my right great toe has been infected for about 4.5 years. callous. has anyone ever used a removable walking cast to offload?

Hi Nancy. I have never used any walking cast before. But your infected toe is rather concernng… Have you consulted your doctor regarding the matter?

yes i go to a wound care clinic now its once a month. they continue to scrape the callous off but it comes back even with inserts and diabetic shoes

Have you been regularly seeing a podiatrist? Callous is a sign of continued pressure and rubbing. Maybe your inserts and shoes are not helping. There are certainly walking casts, but removing the source of ongoing inflammation would be preferable. Charcot food is typically treated with a walking case that removes all pressure from the foot. I bet if you search for Charcot, you will find discussion of walking casts.

Of course, blood sugar control is important in controlling infection, but I am sure you know that.

i will check it out. thank you. when my toe exploded the foot people kept telling me that does not hurt you are a diabetic. well thats a load. it still hurts

I agree with bsc…since callous is a manifestation of ill fitting foot gear, maybe the constant presure and friction of the insoles, shoes or walking cast may be aggrevating it. …and yes, a well controlled blood sugar will definitely help with healing…
I do hope you will feel better soon.

I really would be very concerned with your condition. I do not want to scare you but you say infection. What kind of infection? Are you seeing an infectious disease Dr. for the appropriate antibiotics? Please keep me posted. I can’t believe you have been dealing with this problem for so long! Sounds like you do not have the right specialists helping you.
You may think this is just a callous but the alternative if you don’t advocate for yourself will not be the outcome you want. You need the best group of specialists helping you to resolve this. It could become a more serious problem which could have been avoided if you don’t start asking questions.

i go to the wewoka indian health clinic. they do have podiatrists, foot care clinics, and wound care. they all keep telling me its a callous. it hurts. for a day or so after they take the callous off (again) it hurts so bad it is amazing… thats why i was wondering about an off loading cast. they did refer me to a specialist in okc but there was no funds for it