Infection from skin biopsy

Hey Podders! I wasn’t sure where to post this question but thought this was a good place to start. I had a skin biopsy under my arm done last Tuesday and yesterday noticed that the site was redder than before and slightly tender. Today it is hurting worse and my shoulder is really sore. My sugars were normal until I changed my pod and they were higher but are coming down with some back to back corrections. So here is my question. I don’t have a fever or ketones and my sugars are back in range. Can I wait to go to my dr. tomorrow to get an antibiotic or do I need to go to the ER at 11 pm on a Sunday night? Would you consider this an emergency? I tried calling my dermatologist and they do not have anyone on call. Thanks for the help!

Does your general practioner have an on call? or does your area have a first nurse program? I’d go that route first and if nothing pans out, personally I’d say you could wait til morning but it’s all about how you feel about the situation.

watch the redness and if it doubles in size you need to go immediately

Thanks for all the help and for checking in with me Spooky! :slight_smile: I did decide to do that wait and watch method since I had no other signs of infection. I went and saw my Dr. at he thinks its not an infection but a reaction to the stitches. So no unnecessary antibiotics and no ER bill! Hoping to get the stitches out on Thursday.