Infection on my pump site

Had to go see the Dr. on 6/1 cuz my old site for the pod was big, red and hurt. I’ve been on the pod since 2008 and I always wipe with alcohol so I’m not sure why this happened. It started off as like a welt about the size of a quarter. I called insulet and they told me to rub it. It actually went down to about the size of a nickel. Then on Wed. it was about the size of my pod, extremely red and painful. I’m on antibiotics, but it still is the same. When the Dr. looked at it she said she didn’t think it was abscessed, to watch it for a few days and call if it’s not getting better. I’ll see what happens tomorrow I guess. I’ve been injecting insulin in some way almost all my life and this has never happened.

I wonder if you have developed an allergy to the adhesive used to keep the needle in place? I have such an allergy and cannot use anything for more than five minutes (say a sticking plaster over a blood test site) without reacting badly - even to the hypoallergenic stuff! When I have blood tests I just hold some cotton wool over the site for a couple of minutes - or wear dark clothes as the allergic reaction can be like a deep burn!