Infusion Set Change and Reservoir question

Due to the Medtronics Quickset recall I have a situation that I haven’t had to deal with before. I had to change infusion sets yesterday before the new sets arrived and all of my sets are on the recall list. So right now I have a reservoir with a little over 250 units of insulin in it and I need to change sets (with one of the new ones they sent me). My pump educator had told me that if I ever need to change sets I must also change reservoirs. I’d hate wasting 250 units of insulin though, but since I have to change sets I was thinking of just hooking up the new set to the already in use reservoir. I would obviously have to make sure that I rewound, primed, and then fixed primed it again but I’m wondering why I’m not allowed doing this, or if you think that I actually can do it?

I’d ask my pump educator, but she informed a few days ago she will be on vacation and away from phones and email.

What do you think?

Am not sure about the recall! Was the problem in the tube or the part connected to your body? It will make a difference if it was in the tube!??

This kinda weired to hear from your educator! May be she do not want you to face a loosen or breaking tube! I do use the Quickset with my Deltec Cozmo and I love it, I never change the reservoir unless it is empty completely, and even the tube if it was in a good condition. I just change the white pad thing that connect to my body. But I believe you can change the tube and waste 30 units of insulin and not 250! ;o)

Good luck

I change sets all them time without changing the reservoir. Rarely does the need to change both at the same time line up for my schedule. Also, if you’ve not had a problem with the set even though it’s under recal, you might consider just letting it ride till the insulin you have is finished. Just keep a little closer eye on your BGs.

Your tubing is already primed. All you need to do is insert the new Quickset, attach the old reservoir, and do a fixed prime. (I use the 6-mm sets, so my fixed prime is .3 units. If you use the 9-mm flavor it will be different. Check this!) Be sure and check your BG closely after changing!

I thought about ridding it out with double the amount of testing but if you read the notice they sent it says that a change in air pressure could send an unscheduled dose of insulin. To me that means that even if I monitor it closely it could at any point (in the middle of the night) send me crashing so I’d rather just change it.

I’m not sure what you mean about changing just the Quickset. The plastic part that has the cannula is attached to the tubing so I don’t know how I could change them separately. My fixed prime is .5 because I use the 9 mm.

In other words, what I am understanding from all of you is that there is no reason why I couldn’t change sets and keep the old reservoir.

The tubing is attached to the infusion site by a “twist-lock” fastener. Medtronics supplies each new infusion set with the new fastener and tubing attached. Simply disconnect the new tubing and fastener from the new infusion set , insert the infusion set, then reconnect the old tubing and reservoir. Does that make sense?


I know how to do that, but I thought it was the cannula, not the tubing, that needs to be replaced due to the recall. In any case it’s clear that everyone agrees that the reservoir can be saved.

Thank you for you input and suggestions.