Infusion set would not prime

I am fairly new to using an insulin pump. I have a Tandem t:slim G4, and had an issue changing my infusion set today. After changing the reservoir and connecting the new set I started priming and no insulin came through to the needle after pumping double the normal amount this type of set takes. I stopped the priming and started a new set and it worked fine. Is this a common problem? And is it usually the infusion set or the reservoir? Thank you for your help, this is my first post.

It has happened to me a few times (close to 15 years pumping). It is usually the tubing. Call Tandem to let them know. If possible, dig the packaging out of the trash,they might ask for the ,lot numbers. They will probably send are placement reservoir, too bad they can’t replace the insulin that was used to try to prime… And, so you don’t decide to throw in the towel, sometimes when I was on MDI using pens, I would have similar issues.

At that point I would be checking the entire pump insulin path to look for a leak. I use my nose to sniff for that insulin band-aid smell. Does Tandem use an insulin bag inside a pump compartment? I would inspect for evidence, visually and olafactorily, of an insulin spill.

Is it possible that you did not fully set up (prime) your insulin vessel so that your infusion set prime had to do the missed work of the insulin vessel prime?

Thank you both for the help. I called Tandem yesterday and was told that the problem was the infusion set after I explained that the pump was working normally. They are also sending replacement supplies to me free of charge so that was great advise to call them, since I do tend to run short of supplies toward the end of the month. I am very impressed with this website and community, I can usually find answers to all of my questions just by searching through old discussions, but didn’t find much on this particular problem. Thank you everyone for taking an interest in reading this discussion.

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