I’ve had a few pump for a few months and have gotten over the annoyance of having “sores” on my body from most of my sites. Tonight, however, I had a new issue. I had a great evening out writing (working on a book in my off-hours) at a bar. I got up and there was blood all over the side of my pants from my site and a few inches down. I guess I hit it at some point. I went to the bathroom and suspended the pump and took off the bloody part. And then I cried all the way home in frustration and during the shower and am still annoyed. Why did this happen? Do I have to expect this forever?

This sounds unusual. Maybe where you had your site is not a good idea for you if it is easily bumped. Don’t be too discouraged (though I would also be very upset if this happened to me). Once, when I was at work one day, I went to the ladies room, and tore my site out - ouch! It was in my left lower abdomen, and I ripped it right out. I made sure to superbolus for the rest of the day with my insulin pen. =) I have had a major bleeder and a couple of bruisers so far upon removal. Yuk. Pumping since August 5th.

Hi Becca, it sounds like you hit a blood vessel when you put your set in and probably bumped it at some point and dislodged it. Ugh. That sounds pretty unusual. Do you have a pump trainer you can call? He/she may be able to help you figure out exactly what went wrong. You should also be aware that sometimes when a set is removed that you can get what we call a “gusher” which is a lot of blood coming out of the site where you’ve removed your set. This is something you should have been told about. It’s not something that happens often, but you should be aware that it can happen, and I always have some cotton balls on hand prepared to stop it if should happen. I’ve been pumping for 5 years now and it’s only happened twice to me. I’ve also ripped sets out several times too.

I think what’s happened to you is just one of those things, and something to learn from. And it’s okay to be fustrated by it and cry. Pumping is a big experience at first and can be a bit overwhelming sometimes.

If possible, in the future, don’t put sets where you can see a blood vessel beneath your skin to avoid problems with bruising and possibly problems like you’re describing (can’t say for sure, but it’s worth a try). Try a little neosporin on your sites to help them heal up a little faster if you’re not healing up quickly after set removal. You may also want to try something like Mederma once the site has closed up. Some people’s skin is just more sensitive than other’s and there’s just no changing that. You may be one of those folks. Keeping your skin well hydrated and as healthy as possible will help it heal as quickly as it can between sets.

Hang in there!

Thanks - that actually makes sense. It is a lot to adjust to, but i do appreciate how much better the pump helps me manage things. Just overwhelmed occasionally. Having others to talk to REALLY helps!!