Infusion Site in Arm only

What do people think if we only use the Arms for my daughters inset site? We have not done this yet but she complains everytime we use her stomach area since she does not have much fat there.


I use my arms all the time and actually prefer them to my stomach.

I certainly prefer tummy and other areas that will have more fat.

Children may have different fat distributions than adults like me :-).

Site rotation as a long term plan is a good thing. Overusing an area will result in abnormal (usually less although it also works the other way too) fat distributions there.

You’ve really gotta focus on site rotation. Legs, buttocks, hips, etc all work. If you just use her arms, she will eventually have trouble absorbing the insulin and that’s not good. Also, you can get hard lumps in areas that are used too much. Have you tried legs, buttocks, and hips?

My son is unable to use his stomach - he doesn’t have enough fat. He uses his arms and the upper buttocks. Have you tried that area yet? My son did NOT want to at first, but I told him he had to have enough site locations or he couldn’t be on the pump. He was brave enough and tried it.

we have not yet…I’ll have to push for that site and see if that works.