Infusion site irritation

okay here's the deal.

I have been pumping with a minimed revel with uick set infusion sets for about 2 months now, been type 1 since december 09.

Tonight, I'm getting ready for bed, I decide to change my infusion set. (Not low on insulin, but it has been 4 days.) The last 2 days I noticed that if i bumped into my set, or it got nudged that it hurt. Never thought anything of it. So as I painfully pull the set out of my body, I am greeted by a flarring red circle around where the cannula was. I touch it to see if it was painful, which it was, and puss started coming out of it (almost like a zit haha).

Well it's 10:30 now and I did the most logical thing. Put neosporin on it and wrap it with a band aid. Put the new infusion set on the other side of my body.

Anyways, has this ever happened to anyone? If so, what did you do? How long did it take to go away?

Personally, I have never had any problem with the infusion set and skin problems up until now. (Say I've done roughly 20 changes now.

that’s what i do, just do what you can do and keep a eye on it. If it looks like its getting worse ( i usually give myself a week) then i would tell the doc. Try putting cloth soaked in hot water if it hurts and maybe pop some ib. Good luck

I changed my set (quickset also) after it totally failed on me at work and It was red with a circle too. Mine didn’t have pus in it or anything, but it was very irritated, and I had absolutely no insulin absorption. I cleaned it with an alcohol swab and did Neosporin like you said. It feels a lot better now too. I bumped mine a few times too and it wasn’t “life ending” but it was very sensitive (more than usual)

When its happened before it took a couple days to go away totally.