Infusion Sites and Sensor Sites

I'm wondering about different infusion sites and where to put sensors. I have a MM and CGM so two things to attach somewhere. I used to use the Omnipod which I could put around my stomach, on my lower back and hips, on my upper back right behind my armpits and on the back of my arm. I tried it on the back of my thigh but it would hit things and alarm. Can I put infusion sets/sensors on my thighs? I run a lot so my legs are pretty strong. I'm afraid to try to my thighs because I don't want it to hit muscle but it seems like a lot of people use their thighs. Any advice!?

I do the sensor on my left abdomen and the infusion set on my right and just rotate around there. Over the summer, I felt like the infusion sets were getting a bit burnt out and switched to my hips for like a month and it seemed ok. I've never tried my legs.

When I was using the CGM, It annoyed me more than anything so I just stopped using it, but I would place the CGM on my upper abdomen, and my infusion set on the lower abdomen. Me personally I have never had any success with trying my legs for the infusion sets. Some people state they do and it works, just hasn't been successful for me. You can certainly give it a try, but I'd check your blood sugar within about 30 minutes to an hour, just to see if it's working well for you.

I have used the sensors in my legs for 2 years and I usually do not see any changes in accuracy due to exercise. I have recently tried sensors in my arms to give my legs a break and have found this site to be fantastic. I have only tried my infusion sites in my stomach and love handles with good results (minus hitting scar tissue).

I would suggest that if you are going to try that you aim for where you have more fat tissue and it seems reasonable to insert. I would also suggest that the only way you may find out if a site works is through trial and error.

I use my mid section for infusion and sensors, I also use the backs of my arms for infusion. I can get 12 days out of each arm so this gives my abdomen and sides 24 days to rest and I always use my mid section for sensors. My legs are very skinny and I suspect there could be some reliability issues.