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I just went thru 2 sensors bc they hurt like you would not believe. I had to take them out. I have been wearing them below the hip area a few inches kind of saddle bag area if you had saddle bags. I read a few older posts about people wearing them on top of their thighs and I tried it and NO PAIN. Thank Goodness. I have been wearing my CGM non stop and now hate not being able to look at see what it is.

My legs still are sore.


Lori, I’ve always worn the CGM on the midsection, but because of reading posts here, I tried it for the first time on my front inner thigh area. Best ever. Inserting did not hurt and I just made it through 6 days of mostly accurate readings. Now I am debating whether to try the same area, since someone here suggested it for continuous good readings. Hmm. Everything I have read says to rotate. 1. to give the old site a chance to heal and 2. to not build up scar tissue. I think I am going to rotate. Thank you to CGM users who post tips.

i put them on my lower back, just above my pant line on my “love handle” section…plenty of fat there and it never hurts :slight_smile: the only thing i experience from time to time is bleeding but it stops fairly quick. my readings are very accurate. i switch sides every week, so far no problems with healing and no bruising although i do not bruise easily. i’ve only been using it since march this year so i haven’t had much time to notice any scar tissue. i do love it and love being able to see what’s going on whenever without necessarily having to test. i feel kinda lost without it!!

I use my upper thigh too, but inner, kind of between the top and inner seam. Doesn’t hurt and seems to work great for me. I do rotate legs and location on the thigh. I have 3 areas I use on each, and my sensors usually last at least 2 weeks, so plenty of time for healing.

My endo told me not to do my stomach just bc that is where I do my infusion sites, and my mm rep told me she wears hers on her legs. I had asked before about the tops but she told me to use the sides but I have a little more meat on top of mine than the sides and I am a dide sleeper so it has been nice to roll over and it doesn’t hurt I am really liking it. I am going to use rotate mid, and a little to inner and outer edge of thigh.

Thanks Lori

I am the same way I even hate when I have to put on new sensor and wait for it to get going again. I don’t know how you see on your back. I am not that flexible, lol

Thanks Lori

I also use my thighs almost exclusively (top or inner top). Occasionally use the back of my arms as well. I get the best correlation there and for the most part I get 7 days from the sensor. And it is the most comfortable. Any time I have used my belly, I wind up taking it out within a few days.

I seem to scar easy and I am already getting red dots from the old sensor sites. Should do antibiotic cream or mederma??


I don’t put anything on. I have heard of some people using antibiotic ointment after removing sensor or pump sites. I do not unless they look reddened.