Infusion sites for a tubed pump

Ok so I was reading another discussion about the omnipod and saw that they can use arms/legs as infusion sites. Can you do the same with a tubed pump? I use a minimed 722 and was just curious. I imagine snaking the tubing might be a slight pain but would it work?

My son is on the Animus Ping and he does use his arms. He puts the tubing through his shirt. I would think that he could use his legs; however, he doesn’t want to. He didn’t even want to get insulin in his legs when he was on shots.

When I was on shots I had my leg cramp up really bad when I gave an injection. I have been gun shy ever since so I can not blame him,

I think I must be an exception for pumping - I HATE using my stomach; use my legs whenever I can. I have no problems with tubing whatsoever.

I’m not sure what the “official FDA approved” sites are, but I just use my abdomen and my hip/upper butt area. I’ve heard of the arms being used, but I think the tubing would be a real annoyance. And I feel my pants generally aren’t baggy enough to use my legs. But yes, you CAN use those sites, many people do.

Yeah, I’ve used my legs before, and I know people who have used their arms. I just get the longer tubing, and it’s no problem at all.

My thighs/lower hips are my favorite sites. Just have to be careful not to put it where the seam of your jeans/pants sits. Much prefer it to my abdomen, dex too.

I use my legs, upper thighs/butt area, and my stomach. I have a pretty routine rotation between the 6 areas (each side). Had no problems with any sites.

Thanks everyone. I generally use my abdomen and a bit around towards the back but it is good to know there are other options. Has anyone noticed a difference in the amount of time you insulin lasts/when it peaks when they use different areas ?