KwikPen Gets Stuck on "1"

I’ve never had this problem before, but the last box of pens I got all seem to have the same issue. Pretty much any time I inject 4 units or less the pen gives me resistance as though it’s done while it’s still stuck on 1. If I release my thumb and try again, I can sometimes get it to finish the dose, but other times I have to pull the pen out before it will let me pop out that last unit.

I used to be terrible about priming every time; I’d just prime when I switched needles, which I don’t tend to do until they start to dull a bit. Now I’m changing needles and priming before every injection, which doesn’t seem to fix the problem anyway.

Anyone else experience this? Do I just have weak little girl hands, or have they made some change with the pen that’s making this more difficult?

In the maybe four years I’ve been using them I’ve had one fail. It was a while ago, I can’t remember the exact details, but it was something like what you describe - it wouldn’t go to zero and I had to do something violent to it to get it back to the diamond. I’m pretty sure I just used brute force, because I was actually paying out-of-canada for the things at the time and it was a lot of money.

What I do remember is that it was a clear mechanical failure and it required significant force to work round it. Oh, I don’t prime after the first time (on a new pen) and I never change the needle; it wasn’t that, the problem was pretty much immediate on the new pen (IRC.)

I suggest you contact Eli Lilley and file a complaint with the FDA (I admit, I didn’t; it was a one off, and it was out-of-canada, or maybe turkey.) It’s clearly a manufacturing fault. The FDA have an online complaint page:

Priming every time probably only works if you change the needle every time too - otherwise air gets into the pen with normal variation of temperature and trying to get one of those bubbles out is almost impossible.