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So I called to RSVP for the pump class in less than two weeks and we got in… then I left a voice mail for the nurse educator to see if our doctor talked to her yet, of course I have the most awesome endocrine team ever for my little Pia. They meet this coming Wed. and then Debbie will call me Friday with the verdict. And even my appointments for my tatas and bariatric surgery are going well!!! I will be loosing weight here shortly, reducing my chances for specific cancers, heart problems oh and when the weight is off I will finally have all this pain go away! And for my tatas… I just hope its hard tissue or something, I want to be here for my little girl for a long time. Her dad can’t do this diabetes thing, he sucks so bad at it! he doesn’t really care to watch the eating and what not… help her get exercise or even play with her. He does love her, but he still at 29 years of age has alot of growing up to do, that is where God paired us together. He provides endless love for us and a home, financial stability, health insurance that covers us no matter what may come our way… and I provide the discipline, love, home making and mother and wifey stuff. we are thinking of another baby right between reaching my weightloss goal and plastic surgery after to remove the sagging skin. So I mean god has put the desire for both of us there, but is sure testing me and our family while getting there.

I will keep up dating every time I find out something new, ciao for now my loyal readers?


Glad to hear that things continue to move it a good direction! Thanks for sharing all the good news! Keep us posted when you can! Sounds like you will be busy!

Oh very very busy, right now we are trying to move closer to my mother and doctors, buying a modular home… not going so well. my husband would have to stay down this way renting a room. So now I am just like forget it, I am going to sit tight and save save save for something so much closer. But for now good ol uncle sam’s military housing is next best.

I got a tattoo today the represents my daughter, fighting diabetes and diabetes its self. I think its the cutest ink on me yet!