So, I just got back from an endo, and I’m really excited!! My A1c was 7.2, which is a little high, but not nearly as high as it was a year ago when it was tested. I went to a Diabetes America place and it was awesome. The team there was great and I had no problem with them whatsoever. They were young too so I didn’t feel like they didn’t really know about type 1 or young people like I did the last time I went to an endo. They understood, and encouraged me, to change my insulin how I saw fit. They gave me guidelines, but told me to change it if needed. That was the issue with the last endo I saw. He wanted me to do it HIS way, instead of the way that I knew would work. I mean, c’mon. It’s MY body and I know how I’m going to react to certain foods and all that. He doesn’t know. But anyway. It was good to finally get into a good doctor that I felt comfortable talking to about everything.

They discovered that I also have high cholesterol. So she’s putting me on medication and she said that once we get my blood sugar under better control and the more I exercise (which I’m bad at) that I could bring it down and maybe get off the meds. But my dad has high cholesterol so she didn’t want it to go untreated.

And now onto the best news of the YEAR…

After 15 years of giving myself upwards of 4-5 shots A DAY…


You have no idea. I’m so excited about this, I can’t even begin to describe it. I’m getting a Paradigm MiniMed. You know, the one with the glucose monitor in it? When she showed me that one I just had to have it. I’m so tired of pricking my finger, too. I know I’ll still have to check it some to make sure it’s still calibrated right, but I won’t have to check it nearly as much as I’ve been having to lately. And I’m even more excited because we’re going to Disney World in September and now I won’t have to worry about bringing insulin and making sure I have enough needles to get me through the week and giving shots in front of people (in years past, this has been the worst place for people nearly passing out because of my needles, no lie). It’s just going to be great.
And I can’t get ahold of anyone in my family to tell them!! I’m going nuts here. I’ve been trying to call them for an hour now to let them know the good news, but no one’s answering their phone. Oh, well.