you use them?

wondering if its weird to NOT use the inserter that came with my silhouettes?

it looks like a torture device so i by-passed it. i seem to be doing fine manually.

do you use an inserter?

can you imagine shooting that needle in at high speed?..lmao

have you seen ‘no country for old men’? thats what pops into my head when i think about it.

it looks like the sensor inserter. i don’t use the silhouettes, but i use the sensors, and it doesn’t hurt one bit with it :slight_smile: <3

Yes, I use the Accu-Chek LINK-ASSIST insertion device. It is virtually painless. I would hate to manually insert my set. Mark

I do not use an inserter for the Sils. I do use one for the quick sets.

I use the Quick Sets and always use the inserter.

Never used the inserter for my QucikSets - but I cannot imagine NOT using the inserter for my CGM sensors - ouch!

Manually insert; we were trained that way and never had any problems. New CDE insisted we train with the inserter recently; difficult to finagle, and not sure why she insisted we try it. You can control the speed at which the sil is injected by holding down the front piece and letting it slide more slowly, but still, MUCH easier to insert manually.

I used to insert Silhouettes S-L-O-W-L-Y by hand, giving a whole new meaning to the word “slowpoke”. Now I’m using Quick Sets, and using the inserter, and I do think it’s easier – it goes in fast and doesn’t usually hurt. But I still don’t think I could insert a set fast by hand, nor could I ever do injections fast!

I have just started using the Sils, I got some samples from MM. I took a deep breath and inserted that long needle but it didn’t hurt a bit. I plan on ordering the Sils and don’t plan on using an inserter.

I didn’t use the one they sent with Eric’s sils for nearly a year, and in fact didn’t even realize what it was until I started having problems doing the insertion manually – mostly because I was chronically overtired. Then I found the package one day and tried it, and realized that it could compensate for a shaky hand or a scrambled brain. So I use it whenever I’m feeling “off my game” or if I have to change a site in the wee hours of the night.

I insert silhouettes manually. I found I was shaking so much when I tried to do the first insertion with the inserter I couldn’t manipulate it properly. I decided to insert it by hand and I liked the way I was in control. I haven’t tried the inserter since.