Insertion device? Yes or no?

I am getting a minimed pump and they asked if we want to get the insertion device as it might not be covered by my insurance. I just wanted to ask you guys if you think as a new pumper I will want it?

Which infusion set are you using?

If it’s Quickset, then I would say YES. I had problems with the cannula (little tube) bending when I tried to insert by hand. I like it a lot and find it quite convenient.

For the Silhouettes, however, I’ve always inserted by hand because I have never had the inserter. That never bothered me.

My 522 infusion sets came with the Quickserter. I had trouble with one so they sent me another. It turned out that the trouble was with the user (me). My biggest problem is remembering to take the guard off the needle before trying to insert.

I think I will get it. I was told that the supplies would come with the pump but not which ones! was it like this for anyone else? if so which ones came with your pump?

Yes, it makes site changes quick and painless! With that said though, become trained to insert without it just in case.

My pump is coming from Liberty. they sent us some papers wanting our insurance info and saying that the insurance might not cover it. They said it will be approx. 36 dollars. So I don’t really know.

I have been pumping for 8 years and tried every MM serter and every MM infusion set ( Quick set, Sof-set , Silhouette ) . I have done the Silhouette also manually …my pump trainer advised, that I should know how to insert manually …just in case ( forgot to bring serter along , while away from home, a malfunction of the serter …who knows ). Presently using the Sure-T and this type of infusion set does not require a serter: just place it , where you want " it " to go and with a slight press you are ready to go .Very easy and results appear better. .Our Extended Health plan ( Canada ) covers the serter.

My insurance didn’t, but I paid the $25 ea and got two…I ama backup kinda person—Iam too chicken to try without

I do think I’m going to! I think it would be sooo much easier!

You’re not missing much - the silserter is referred to as a torture device! :slight_smile:

LOL, I have heard that a lot. And I do agree!!

With Quick-Sets, I use the Quickserter, I really like it.

With Sils, I insert manually. I don’t like how the silserter works. Often times, it does not go in when I first push the button, and it just leaves me with more anxiety then what it’s worth(I hate thinking, “how many times am I going to push this button until the stupid thing decides to pop in!”)! At least when I put it in manually I am in control, and it goes in when I decide to put it in!

Yep, your rep has a rep account. Mine offered to give me 1 item for free. I chose the silserter.

Yes, ask the Minimed Representative-- they will probably give you something for free!

I also got the quickserter and the remote for free from my rep!

too funny - i forget sometimes too - get some nice bruises to show for it!

LOL I f******g hate when I press that button and it doesn’t go off.

I got the quick serter and the silserter (have used both…now using sils), mainly because I’m a chicken when it comes to changing sets…I don’t think I could do it without one, even though I did shots for over 25 years!!

I’m not sure why most pumpers do not realize that you do not need to use the type of sets that come with your pump. I am an Animas user and used mini-med’s sof-sets but recently switched to the Animas sets becasue they have their own inserter with each soft-set. It was much easier to pack when going somewhere and not making sure to have the sof-serter which took up space. It is really neat because it is a plastic (not eco-friendly) thing that is a spring loaded device. It can be used with mini-med syringes that have a round opening where you take off the needle. It stings a little when it is inserted but you get over that after a few changes and find your own comfort zone.

Are we talking about that vile tube thing with the spring?? shudder :slight_smile: Yes, the torture device! No, I do not use it. Each time I have tried it took me 15 minutes to work up the nerve to push the button… which didn’t spring. I had to keep pushing it and then when it finally decided to work it didn’t pierce my skin. And OUCH. So, I’m not a fan grin

I have used every insertion device and style of infusion set known to diabetic man, I think. I highly recommend those that come with their own disposable insertion device - like the Animas insets and inset 30s. I’m on the Pod now, so I don’t worry with infusion sets or insertion devices (and god, i don’t miss them), but I always found it to be a hassle to make sure I had a quickserter or softserter with me when everything else was so easily disposable on the go. My sets always fell out of the softserter and the quickserter’s side buttons were so inconsistent. I’d always end up half-firing it and having to reset it.

That being said, they’re cheap. Try it. I preferred using one to not using one when using Paradigm Quick-sets, for sure.

If quick sets…I would get the inserter; if sils…I would not. Can get inserters on Ebay, etc. for fraction of the price if you need to buy one yourself. You may wish to try out a couple of different infusion sets as well…I found the sils gave me site irritation while the quick sets did not?! Take care and good luck w/ the new pump:)