Do you use an inserter? How long do they last? Do you have a backup?

Before I joined TuDiabetes, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as an inserter. Now I don’t want to live without it. I was just chatting with a friend here that seems to have one that broke after only a few months. I’ve had mine almost a year, and it seems to be fine, but just wondering how long yours have lasted.

Medtronic will send you a new one if you call and tell them yours broke. I have 2 inserters for the quick sets and one for the sils, but if I use the sils I prefer to insert manually. I also have the soft serter for the CGMS. I was having trouble with the inserter for the quick sets, sticking when I pushed down the button so I called Medtronic and they sent me a new one.

I’ve been using an inserter for the sil for 5 years. It hasn’t failed/broken yet. No back-up, though.

I’ve only been pumping since 1/29. I use a Quickserter but I have trouble pushing both buttons at the same time. I even practice without the infusion set. After reading the other contributions, I’m going to call Medtronics and have them send me another.

Yes. Don’t know. Yes.

Got mine from Medtronic with my pump in April but also had one from 4 years ago. I have both of them around and working. No problems.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

I was given a new one from minimed as well but the old one is still alive and kicking. It’s 5 1/2. It was a little sticky from the adhesive residue. Cleaned it with alcohol and it works just fine.

I think I’ve got one that is probably 15 years old and is still functioning. Now I’m using the Inset by Animas. Each set has an inserter with it. I have one that was used with syringes that I’ve had since the mid 1970’s. Of course they no longer make the syringe that fits that one. I was looking awhile back when my friend told me she was having a hard time injecting. I love them all. They make it so much easier.

hi Marie, yes, (quickserter), and I immediately bought a backup after I saw how it was built… though it’s 2 now and a bit “old”, and showing no signs of wear. Backup is NIB (ebayspeak)

I actually broke the LinkAssist inserter (accu-chek)… the plastic cracked, and the two blue plates fell out somehow… But Accu Chek was pretty good about replacement, though they did want the inserter back… Their inserters have a 15(or 16) month warranty… thought the number was a bit odd but I plan to get a spare when i become eligible next year.

Ok, fess up. What IS an inserter? I’ve been having nothing but trouble with Ping insertion sets recently. Grrrrrr…

if you use an inset, the “inserter” comes with each infusion set. with something like a quickset (minimed) , it’s a separate, losable, plastic spring loaded thingy. if you use a sure t or some angular sets, you don’t have an inserter and you manually slap your set on.

hope this helps.

I have used the same inserter that came with my pump in December 2000. Some people insert without one but I just find it easier to use the inserter and with less hesitation. I just press the button. If I insert by hand, I am going to pause and think about it while getting up the nerve to do it. It is just the idea of it, not that it hurts more. I tried the quick sets but I hated its inserter as you have to push two buttons simultaneously. So I still use sof sets.

my quickseter worked for 3 years (not broken–just switched to anmias insets) and I did have a spare cause manual insertion was just not gonna happen

I started pumping in April 2007. I still use the Quick-Serter that was supplied with my MiniMed 522. I do have a brand new one for backup, if I ever need it …

I have been pumping for 6 months and have a quick serter for at home and I have another one in my travel pack. That way I always have a back just in case and I am ready to go out without having to add it.

I’ve been pumping for about 11 years and have an inserter but have never used it.

I use MM Quick Sets, and I have 2 Serter’s (1 per pump order Ive had) The spring on the new one is a bit better (stiffer and more responsive) but they both do the job just the same. The oldest is 7 years old, and the new one is a couple months. The older one had a 3 year break in the middle though when I went to an Animas pump for a while.

I have three for the quicksets but now I am switching to the Mio which has a self contained inserter.

Marie, I don’t use them. Tried one a few years back and didn’t like it. I guess I’m just too older diabetic, I do things manually and have eve since I started my pump.The one I had I gave to my daughter so she would have a backup.

I had one that got super sticky from the glue on the sets. I tried to get another one at no cost, but just ended up buying another one. 20 bucks isn’t too bad every few years. BTW…32" sets ROCK!