Insertion device? Yes or no?

Many CDE’s give them out, too…

Thanks guys!

I’ve never used one because they didn’t even exist when I started pumping. So I wouldn’t pop for one unless you find you need it.

You will probably want it with the Quicksets. I can’t imagine putting those end by hand! LOL!

I have one that I was charged $46 for and have only used once. I hate the noise it makes and find I can insert it manually just as well and without the popping noise. If anyone wants it let me know and I’ll mail it to you.

I have been using a MM pump with quickset for about 8 years. I lost the insertion device about 6 months after I got the pump and have just been simply interting the set by hand with no problems. Use one if you want to but it is not really necessary.

I use the quicksets, and I do use the quickserter. In fact, I have two of them (one I keep in my travel kit).

I’ve inserted manually, but I find it’s much easier to get it right on the first try with the serter. When I insert by hand, sometimes I don’t go in hard enough, other times I go in to hard and bend the canula. With the quickserter, I find if I just rest it firmly against my skin and press the buttons, I get a perfect insertion every time.


Yes, get it. In fact I just ordered another for traveling. No my insurance won’t cover it but they will cover ever thing else. Like the previous poster said it’s only another 25 bucks.

Yeah, I think when I call for my next order in December I am going to ask for some samples of the sils and Sure-T’s. Thanks.