Insertion site issues

I don’t have a lot of “fat” on my body so it seems sometimes the cannula doesn’t insert or it bends often and it’s hard to tell until the blood sugar starts going high. I have tried the pinching like tech support says but still have issues. I seem to get much better absorption on the stomach/hip area but I also wear a dexcom on the stomach so sites are an issue. Any suggestions? Thanks

I pod best on my upper butt. I have used my arms with success, but my Navigator is usually there, so I don’t use them often. Legs work, too - inner and outer thighs. Back can be tricky (I’ve had some occlusions there due to how little fat there is), but it’s another favorite spot of mine. I don’t use my abdomen at all anymore. Too much scar tissue from my 8 straight years using it!

Try it on the back of your upper arm.

I agree - back of the arm is the only place my 9 year old can wear them since he has basically no fat anywhere. The dexcom sensors bend on his back, but it doesn’t seem to affect their accuracy. We’ve only had 2 occlusions in a year of podding on the back of the arm though.

Thanks and I will try your suggestions. I have been avoiding the upper arm because of vainity…summer and sleeveless clothing…

If it’s for the good of your health, do what you need to do, even if it means people noticing the pod on your arm. just my opinion

Besides, why not take the oppertunity to educate! I’ve taught so many people (including my pharmacist, and fellow T1’s ) about the OmniPod, and I even know a girl who happily switched to the pod because she saw mine and asked about it!

And let me add that I’m pretty much always in a bikini, tank-top or some other small clothing all summer long!
If you REALLY don’t want people noticing the Pod, perhaps for the summertime you can try your upper butt (where the pod is even hidden under a bikini) and when it cools down, you can try out your arm!

you can always say “it’s an alien communication device” then they will leave you alone :slight_smile: