Inset infusion set ?QUESTION?

Hey everyone, well we had an issue with are Inset infusion sets this past week one of the boxes we were sent was totaly colgged they don’t work at all!!! They came up with a code 064 in her animas pump, has any one had this happen??? I called animas and they thank god got me through it and I have to send them the box of infusion sets. But this is odd I thought they said it has happened with them and a few other sets. Shelby’s actually flew out the side of her pump as I was priming it. Well any thought might help or if anyone has delt with this thanks so much!!! ~Korin~

You know what? I think that might be going on with the MM I had delivered yesterday. Though I haven’t had one that flew out at the site, the one I cahaged into today had my bs up to way over 600. After taking 5 units of novalog about 30 minutes ago it has finally started droping right now it has fallen to like 475. Now I’ll have an insulin reaction probably… Sorry really BAD day! Good Luck and I hope everything works out for Shelby!