Insomnia and Diabetes

Hello all, it is 12:23 a.m. I can’t sleep! I often stay up till 2:30 a.m before I get tired. I work Monday-Friday 300pm to 1130pm and I really have a difficult time trying to fall asleep… I read that diabetes and insomnia go hand in hand. Are there any others that suffer from insomnia?



No not me. It is 5:00 AM eastern and I woke up at 2:00 AM. I dont have insomnia. Wait,,, gotta run my wife whats to know why I have been up all night. Come to think of it maybe I do suffer from insomnia, I will let you after my nap, right now i am tired. LOL


PS: This whole response is pretty much tongue in cheek I know we do not know each other, but satire is one of my favorite forms of comedy. I hope you will take as it was meant; a bit of a commentary on the issue. Yes I do have problems with insomnia is it diabetic related? I do not know, maybe.

I take melatonin, it seems to help keep me asleep.

Also if you are still all spun up from work it may help to use some relaxation techniques.

interesting, my son is a teen and I thought his sleep issues were related to being a teen and didn't really consider that diabetes my be impacting his sleep, another thing to look into.. for him I suggest turning the electronics off and reading before bed this is helping a bit but it takes him a long time to fall asleep and sometimes says he doesn't sleep at all I thought it was his teen mind running around, hormones or worry about his D??? perhaps melatonin would be something to consider but would like to research more, any more thoughts on this topic??

Sleep well getting any good nights sleep seems to be a problem for lots of diabetics I havd to visit the toilet up to 6 times during the night having a prostrate problem as well does not help I am sure the constant breaks in sleep is jot healthy for you so my thoughtd go out to anyone eho suffers insomnia take care

I've actually slept though the night for the past two nights for the first time in about seven months! I jokingly told my wife "Something must be wrong. This is not right!"

Shift work will really mess up sleeping patterns. Day shift workers don't normally go to sleep for 6-7 hours after getting off work. Many 2nd shift workers try to sleep soon after getting off, that tends to confuse one's body.

I did many years of shift work and split shifts in my younger days, BD (before diabetes). I did not have many problems until I switched to working 'normal' hours, what a mess!

I was eventually diagnosed with Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome. Back then the way to cure it was to change your sleep time forward (yes, not backward - trying to go to sleep earlier is a mistake) an hour every other day until you have gone around the clock! It takes aboout six weeks and really, really messes up your life. Going to sleep at 4 AM, then 5 AM, then 6 AM...and so on! But it worked for me.

Hi,brboyer great to here u slept good for the past 2 nights…I usually work 3pm to 1130pm now for the summer our hours are 6pm to 230pm second week so far and it SUCKS! LOL… I’ve been drinking that sleepy time tea,not really working much. In August I go back to the evening schedule. I see u do understand these crazy shift changes! Good u are getting better sleep…:0-)

Unfortunately yes, I have far too much experience in this area.

Most people will not understand this next sentence. The past two nights have been glorious!

And no one will agree with this one. Sometime's a full nights sleep is better than sex!

Good luck to you Michelle.