Sleep habits change?

I was just wanting to throw this out there to see if I am not alone in this. Has your sleep habit changed once you had diabetes? It seems like I have more bouts of insomnia and restlessness since the diabetes progressed. I’ve often been a light sleeper, but nowadays it is horrible to deal with. Does anyone have similar occurrences? What seems to help? Also, does your Blood sugar readings increase in the morning if you’ve had a restless night? It seems like sleep is more valuable than we think. Just thought I’d get some opinions and discussions on this.

I’ve had a really hard time recently. My Dr. sent me to a sleep disorder Dr. who ran a battery of tests only to discover that I was “normal”. I asked then why does “normal” get up 4 times a night? Why does “normal” have such intense night sweats that “normal” has to get up and dry off? He just looked at me and said nothing. I do agree I’m pretty darn normal, but an answer would have helped a little. I started getting up and checking my BS in the middle of the night (pain in the a$$ by the way) and discoverd I was having slight highs in the middle of the night. I’ve adjusted my Lantus and it’s helped with the night sweats, however I still can be up and down on a “normal” night.

I have insomnia if my blg’s run above normal. I just get up, take a correction bolus, and read for a couple of hours until my blg’s are closer to normal, at which point I’m usually able to sleep for the rest of the night. I focus on having a good bgl reading before I retire for the night - not eating too late into the evening, eating food that I can predict won’t have a long lasting effect on my bgl’s, drinking enough fluids, and so on.

Diabetes didn’t change my sleep patterns, but menopause sure did!

My mother can certainly relate to this right now!! LOL!! : )