Insomnia haunts my nights. I have Restless Leg Syndrome, which usually results in cramps that start in my feet, go to my ankles, end in my calves. I get up and pace around, sometimes eating cookies. The eating cookies part results in high blood sugar, surprise! if I forget that bolusing is part of the equation. Last night my brain wrote a haiku as I stared at the dark ceiling. ( added the second verse on 5/30/17.)


The night holds its breath
as the Witching Hour descends.
Please legs, go to sleep.

Sleep! I scold myself.
Look, the midnight witches fly.
I will count broomsticks.

Gertrude Waller (Trudy)



Sleepless I toss, turn.
So weary I cannot sleep.
Music soothes, I dream.


Sweet dreams, @Pastelpainter!


Nicely done, ladies. I’ve never attempted a haiku. I have tended toward free form, trying to meld thought and words the physical shape of a poem. I’m not sure I have the discipline for haiku, but I do think I should give it a try. I really, really like both of these!..


You can do freeform Haiku, but I prefer the 5-7-5 syllable format, it keeps my words in check. There are Haiku sites on Facebook, both freeform and formal so you can see what people are doing. Writing Haiku is fun.


@Pastelpainter, I agree that writing Haiku is fun. @Judith, I find that, for me, free form is so much more difficult than following an actual form. With free form I’m always afraid I’m just rambling on, whereas the discipline of a form helps make my ideas more precise. Besides, the form itself is a challenge that I enjoy. Btw, another form I like is simply adding another verse to a Haiku: two lines of seven syllables each. (A Haiku is supposed to reference a season of the year, but my insomnia is year-round.)


you probably remember the huge response we got years ago with "Haiku-betes"

and the more recent

Keep the poems going, whatever the form! to quote from Our Values:

“Creative Expression
We see creativity as a catalyst for emotional healing and raising diabetes awareness. This means you may choose to participate writing, posting videos, photos, drawings, music, etc. to express yourself.”


@MarieB, the first thread you listed (Haiku-betes) occurred before I was a member of Tud. I participated in the second thread you listed, Diabetes Haiku (a.k.a. Haiku-Betes). Thanks for reposting these, Diabetes related Haikus are always relevant as well as fun.


Fasting blood test today
Longing for coffee and breakfast
Oh, shall I cancel?


Awake early , dawn
not yet even a glimmer.
Oh! insomnia.


Last night, trying to fall asleep, yet another encounter with Insomnia. My mind wrote haiku…


Lady Morpheus
smiles and winks. Midnight descends.
Now I close my eyes.


Trudy, I think you are wonderful to remember your haiku once you had woken up in the morning.


Great, Trudy…And I, too, am always impressed with your memory!