Inspired by Diabetes contest-sponsered by Lilly,International Diabetes Foundation

Lilly is proud to collaborate globally with the International Diabetes Federation to offer the Creative Expression Competition as a way to help people with diabetes express and share their daily experiences living with diabetes — and support the care of children with diabetes around the world.
HOW TO ENTER — Use this list to help you organize your submission

  • Create your expression and narrative (essays do not need to include a separate narrative)
  • Particularly for artwork, write the title of the entry, your full name, address, date and your signature on the back of the entry; to protect your privacy please do not sign the front of the submission with your full name
  • Complete the Submission form below with the following details:
    o Participant’s name, address and signature
    o Title of submission
    o Attach narrative to explain the significance of the work (essays do not need to include a separate narrative)
  • Pack carefully
  • Review guidelines in the Rules and Regulations
  • Post to one competition intake point in either the United States (for entries from North America) or Germany (for entries from outside of North America), so that it arrives before January 31, 2008. See postage guidelines and addresses in the Rules and Regulations

Written confirmation that your submission has been entered into the competition will be sent within 30 business days of receipt.

WHO CAN ENTER: People with diabetes, children, families and friends are encouraged to enter the contest. Healthcare professionals are also invited to enter. The designated participant categories are:

  • Children (age sub-groups 5-6, 7-8, 9-12, 13-17 years old at the time of entry; includes children with diabetes or family members under 18)
  • Adult with diabetes (ages 18 and older)
  • Family member or friend of person with diabetes
  • Healthcare professional

Global judging will be conducted by a panel of prominent figures within the worldwide diabetes community.

WHAT TO ENTER: You may choose to express how you are inspired by diabetes in the manner in which you prefer. There is no restriction on subject matter — as long as it reflects how diabetes inspires you in your family, your community or as part of a larger global community. There are four participant categories for submission, depending on the creative medium you would like to use:

  • Short essay or poem — 500 words or less
  • Photograph(s) — Up to three prints
  • Original drawing or painting — No larger than 43 cm x 66 cm (17" x 26")
  • Music — Original composition, up to three minutes in length (instrumental and lyric)

A panel of independent judges will be asked to judge all the entries. The objective is to find:

  1. “Creative expression that best portrays how diabetes inspires you in your family, your community or as part of a larger global community.” Select any subject — it’s the reflection of that inspiring force that counts.
  2. The narrative that accompanies the expression will be equally important in illustrating how one has channeled the experiences of diabetes for inspiration in their lives.


  • Each entry (except for short essays or poems) must also be accompanied by a narrative that explains your inspiration
  • Please remember to title your submission
  • Refer to the Submission Form for full contest Rules and Regulations and step-by-step specifics on how and what to enter for each category
  • Please pay close attention to the artwork size specifications and packing requirements detailed in the Rules and Regulations


  • Entries will be accepted until January 31, 2008, winners announced in Spring 2008
  • You will receive written confirmation that your submission has been entered into the contest within 30 days of receipt
  • Winners will be selected for each participant group, in each format category
  • One grand-prize winner for each participant group will be chosen across all formats
    complete rules/info on website