Winners of the "LIVING with Diabetes" Contest


Dear Friends:
We received 9 entries for Group 1 (type 1 and type 1.5), 0 entries for Group 2 (type 2 and prediabetes) and 5 entries for Group 3 (parents, spouses and friends of people with diabetes).

After reading through the entries, all of which were packed with inspiring anecdotes and emotion, we decided to grant the three prizes to the following members:

-Group 1: Monica Coan for her “Camp Sweeney: a Life Changing Experience”.
-Group 3: Carey for an amazingly creative entry in the form of a diabetes crossword puzzle.
-Group 1 (runner up): since we had no entries for Group 2, we decided to award that price to the second best entry in Group 1 (because we had more entries there than in Group 3). The prize goes to Kerri Morrone.

To everyone who participated, a big THANKS! Your contributions are a testimony of the spirit that makes us all one big family!

To the winners, congratulations! Please contact me for details on how to redeem your prize.

In the coming days we will be re-launching our “Word In Your Hand” initiative, which will go on through all of September and a good part of October. There will be some prizes at the end too, so stay tuned!


An idea, for everyone to look into:

Most of the entries qualify to enter this contest. I would argue that it’s a good idea for each and everyone of you to submit your entry to the Inspired by Diabetes initiative… just a thought.