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Does anyone know if there is any other way to get started on omnipod 5 other than directly through Insulet? I have tried going through the pharmacy I get my Dexcom from but they are only able to supply the pods and not the starter kit. My insurance and Dr. have already pre approved me for omnipod 5 at this point but it seems every time I call Insulet nobody gets the prescription filled and I have to keep calling them because nobody from insult ever calls me back.(its been 3 weeks and I have talked to multiple people)
Are any current omnipod users disappointed in their customer service while using the pods? I chose my tandem pump 3 years ago due to their control iq technology, but realized it does not work as well with my lifestyle as Omnipod would. At this point I’m wondering if I am making a mistake switching from tandem to a company that is difficult to work with.

the pdm always comes from insulet!, at least right now. go ahead and pick up your prescription from the pharmacy, insulet sends you the pdm…there seems to be a lot of confusion…so much that i ended up with an omnipod classic pdm that doesnt work with the pods i picked up…luckily i was able to return it, but the pdm will be sent from insulet with rather quick ups…

As soon as Omnipod 5 came out I got it through Gentry Specialty Pharmacy. They mailed me a starter kit plus 10 pods. Their phone # is 1 844 443 6879
They take most insurances. Good luck


Did they need a prescription for the starter kit, or was it just a prescription for the O5?

(I use Walgreens Community for Dash pods and they are good too, don’t know about the O5 yet.)

I was able to get the starter kit and pods both through CVS/Caremark mail order pharmacy. My endo had to write separate scripts for each and get a prior authorization, but that went through fairly quickly. I love that the welcome kit contains 11 pods while you wait for your full pod order to come in. My pods won’t be released for shipment until 6/22 because of how soon my last order of DASH pods was. But I should have plenty of pods to tide me over.

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My provider wrote two separate Rx - one for the starter kit and one for a month’s worth of pods. The pods were sent through Caremark for me as well since it was one of the specialty pharmacies covered on my plan (for the list, check the Insulet site).

The starter kit, however, I called a couple of local CVS pharmacies and asked if they could order it in - and sure enough, the second one I called got it in 24 hours from the distribution warehouse. So, you might give that a shot. I love my local CVS pharmacies and they are often able to help me with these things. They were not able to order the pods though, thus having to use Caremark. But even so, with Caremark they arrived in 48 hours or so.

One caveat, though they are listed as pharmacy supplies, they had to try running it through a DME supplier to get it to go through an in-state place for me. So if you’re having issues, you might suggest someone tries that.

Best of luck!!

Yes, @Christa1 also confirmed two prescriptions. The prior-auth is the other potential hurdle but it might not apply to me; I’m already on the Dash pods and my insurance company is not excessively anal-retentive. I’m assuming the pharmacies on Insulet’s list will be able to fill both prescriptions.

There’s a branch of Community in Oregon (in Portland, but they FedEx), probably Kroger Spec too, given that they’re west coast. CVS isn’t on the Omnipod list, Caremark (US), apparently a separate operating unit, is. I’m guessing that, like Community, they have access to a single central database specific to the organization; I’ve never had problems shifting stuff from Walgreens to Community.

I think the DME thing is just some old stuff that they haven’t quite ejected from the system. I had to use Community initially but then an accident (a borked web interface) caused my Dash pods to go to my “local” (26 miles away) Walgreens. I was able to redirect that to Community; 276 miles away, but here tomorrow by FedEx, much, much faster than if I have to crank the engine to get it.

My endo said they have been having good luck with a specialty divison of Walgreens, but she said since I’m used to Caremark she’d send it there. They did a pretty good job and I love their web site. Really easy to track everything. they try to send it out of th closest warehouse that gets it there in 24-48 hours without having to overnight it. They typically use UPS ground. same with my insulin. I’m happy.

First order of just pods should be here tomorrow. Good thing because I’m down to 3 pods from my initial 11. They have been lasting anywhere from 2 to 2.5 days. My endo wrote for 90 pods every 90 days due to my high insulin needs, so I will always have spares.

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I needed separate prescriptions but Gentry (the mail order pharmacy Insulet selected for me) handled the process of getting each of them from my endo. Luckily she and I had discussed my plan to try the Omnipod 5 at several checkups so the prescriptions sailed through. I did remind my endo using MyChart that the pod refills needed to be one pod every two days, which worked out well for earlier versions of Omnipod.


I got the starter kit and pods both from Optum RX

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