Insulin delivery sting?

As far as insurance carriers, supply houses, whoever goes, I don’t believe they have to know everything about pumping. But when you’re a sales rep for a company you darn well better know what you’re trying to sell. The guy that contacted me started reciting how the Animas remote wouldn’t work with children when they’re 10 feet away from it (parent programming bolus). I then told him I wasn’t a child and that the remote would most likely be in “my” hands if I were feeding information into it. Plain and simple, he was desperate for a sale. My guess is he was trying to cover his own butt for failing to meet a quota. And for MM to lose a customer after 25 years must really hurt. I won’t contact the FDA to make a complaint but I’m still considering letting someone at Medtronic know how little this guy knew about his competitor’s product and what he’s selling. And, as someone else said, you never discredit the competition. That’s desperation in my book.

Good luck to you!

I have to say, my CDE friend put me in touch with a local MM rep and he didnt do that.
Wouldnt utter a word against Animas, not even when I was hopping mad about their new supply rules.
In fact, he went out of his way to be very careful not to take sides, even explaining to me why they might be cracking down and how they might implement it.
So, it really does depend who you talk to, but yes they should know and tell the truth about the competition.
Especially if it has something to do with the needs a person may have (size of screen, visual issues etc.)

UGH, Brian, I fully understand what you’re saying. If this is your first pump, though, I must encourage you to wait until the official date. Me? They don’t even schedule transition appts. But I’ve been at this FOREVER. Get some rest. Your day of change will be here before you know it. And please, don’t give up. It takes roughly a month, or it used to, before you get everything under control . I tell you, I took shots for 24 years and have pumped for 25. There’s no way I’d go back to injections…for ANY reason.

The best of luck to you! Please, stay in touch.

Thanks so much for your kind words. I know it will be a transition of sorts, and there will be a learning curve to get it going. I have my pump now, and am currently using the meter. I have had the pump powered up, but took the battery out of it because it seems senseless to me to have the warning alarms going off every 15 minutes. I will power it up a day before hook-up. I have spoken with the CDE and pump trainer and they will put me on insulin right away. I have been reading the manual, doing the projects in the workbook, working with the software and watching the DVD. Yes, I assure you that I will wait for the official hook-up date, September 13. I wouldn’t begin to try this on my own, but am looking forward to it nonetheless. I average five to seven shots per day, and the pump really can’t happen soon enough. Thank you so much for your encouragement.

One more trick about insulin sting: When you notice it, it may be due to site being next to a larger nerve. If your insulin management will allow, give the insulin as a COMBO Bolus over 0.1 Hours (six minutes). I have found this to be slow enough but almost the same as an injection.

Thanks Jay, that’s a great idea! As a long-term pumper I think I’ve heard/learned it all. Not so! I continue to learn every day. Thank you!

Hi, I’m Amberly!

I have the Animas Ping (had it for about a month now) and occasionally can feel the bolus. I like the faster bolus, because I set the reminder, so I always have to wait for the bolus to finish to confirm the reminder. I actually kind of like that I can feel it, because I know the insulin is going in. I find if it’s a little painful, I press down on the infusion set gently and that really helps.

Also, with MM reps… OMG I totally agree. I met with the Minimed rep first when shopping for pumps, and I found they spent more time bashing Animas than talking about their own product. It really turned me off, and I had a minimed pump for 5 years prior. I just wish they could have talked about their own product instead of trying to put down the competition. So unimpressed with them!

I use a Ping and love it. I have never had a stinging sensation.

Hi Amberly!

Thanks for your input, every little bit helps. FYI, as time goes on, you may find the insulin stays in a “bubble” or pocket under the skin and takes longer to absorb when delivered fast. Just a precaution. I know I wind up with a bump under the skin after day 3.

RE: MM reps; I think they realize that other companies are pulling ahead in the game and they’re just treading water. Why else would so many of their reps discourage people from other pumps? I haven’t connected to my new Ping but I’m already happy I made the switch.

Best of luck to you!

Congrats on getting a new pump… I like my ping!!! I don’t have many times when it stings… Wonder if it has to do with the brand of insulin you use? Just a thought…

I have had many infusion sets where I feel absolutely nothing. I’d say about 10% get sore towards the end, where bolusing is annoying to painful. I have had a few where the bolus burned for the entire 3 days I had them on. It was a good incentive not to eat! Although I was able to mitigate most of this by doing a combo bolus to spread it over 6 minutes or so.

I think this has more to do with the location and insertion of the infusion set then it does the pump.

As Michael says, when I gave my shots myself I would inject much faster. 30 units in a second.

I was told that by the Animas rep too. Actually what he said is that insulin delivery may sting some people, and if it happens, just set the pump for slow delivery. It isn’t a big deal if that happens, the slow delivery feature on the pump takes care of the problem. Normal delivery speed doesn’t bother me.

Because the MiniMed rep is talking about that, it makes me wonder of the MiniMed doesn’t have a delivery setting or is slow in the first place.

Hi Rose I have been on an insulin pump for 2 years and yes you do feel a little burning /stinging sensation
at least I do but don’t let that discourage you from getting on the pump it is a wonderful tool to keep your sugars in better control nothing is perfect…I do not regret buying mine good luck