Insulin Dependent Running Group

I just finished my first marathon. While I was running I noticed another runner wearing an insulin pump. I spoke briefly with this runner and wished him good luck. I also noticed that he was wearing a shirt that mentioned he was part of a insulin dependent running group. I wasn’t in a position to take down information about this group. I thought it would be easy to find out more about this organization/group/website but I haven’t been able to find anything.

Has anyone heard of any running organization/group/website specifically geared to Type 1 insulin dependent runners? I am in Colorado if that helps.

I have no idea of the group but I think that’s cool you bumped into another diabetic! I’ve only met other diabetics at the doctors office waiting room or a diabetes class. If I saw someone with a pump on in public I’m sure I would want to say hi and introduce myself.

Or this:

I think glucomotive is associated w/ this group along