"insulin flow blocked" alert with Sure-T

I have had a few of these alerts recently, but I found a fix that so far (about 6 times) is 100% effective. When I get the dreaded alert, I check to see that I haven’t accidentally kinked the tube, then I detach the tube at the join. I then do a manual bolus of 2 or 3 units, and watch the end of the connector for a few drops of insulin to form. This takes less than 2 minutes. Then I reconnect the tubing, and manually order up the remaining bolus from the time it stopped. So, if I had ordered a bolus of 12u, and only 1.5 u had been administered, I manually bolus 10.5u, and it so far has gone through without a problem. If I don’t do this, and just try to redo the bolus, it usually gives me the “blocked” alert again. I don’t know why this works, but it saves the hassle I used to go through, sometimes wasting an infusion set with an almost full reservoir. I hope this works for you if you run into this problem.

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I have used these sets and I have the same issue. If I use the same set for 2 site changes is usually when it happens. I keep them in for the 3 days and just move the site with the same set. I don’t think I can do that anymore as my sugars go high because of an occlusion. It is safer to use them only once I think.