Pump tubing?!

Please help? Went to go give insulin, and when I was done giving a bolus noticed the tubing where the insulin is, I use 23 in, was very like stiff almost and non-playable, and almost stayed in a slightly bent but totally straight position and again felt stiff and almost like it was Frozen, even when I went to slightly move it around it didn’t really Bend. the tubing is usually very pliable and bendy and soft so I’m wondering if this is a problem and if it would have made the tubing give more or leak more into me?? This is always a big fear as anyone ever had this with their tubing and did it do anything not good to you or mean anything? Would it have given more than programmed because of this tubing stiffness, and if it did with the pump notice notify you with an alarm, can it detect something wrong with the tubing itself or does it just detect something wrong with the pump itself? I’m very almost nervous to use it as I have horrendously horrible bad luck and I’m afraid this would leak more Etc into me.

Best to call the pump company. Sounds like defective product and they should replace it.

Which pump and infusion set are you using?

The pump cannot detect any problem with the tubing except a blockage. Some pumps may be able to detect disconnected or a hole in the tubing. (Watch out for kittens biting the tubing). I have been using a pump for ~ 38 years. These days mostly problems with infusion sites. Just make sure hub is tight. The challenge is more what we eat than the technology.

Tandem tslim x2

What insulin are u using. Some insulins can dry out and cause stiffness l8ke you mentioned, although it’s never happened to me

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