Insulin from pens

I have found myself in a little pickle. Tonight while getting ready to go to work I had a seizure causing me to drop my last vial of NovoLog and it breaking. And me already leaving the house late I forgot to stop at the pharmacy to pick up my new insulin. So I will have to do a pod change sometime tonight before I can get to the pharmacy. All I have with me is couple of NovoLog pens in my bag.

I think I have seen this discussed before but on my phone I can only see so much. So here is the question. Can you fill a pod with insulin from a insulin pen?


I’ve done it several times. I use Humalog; and have taken advantage of their offer of a free box of 5 pens. You won’t have to worry about drawing up air either. That little stopper draws down as you fill your syringe.

I do it all the time.

easy as pie…shouldn’t be a problem… draw the insulin out of the pen with the OmniPod syringe, just like from a vial (but like Janice said, no need to draw up air) just don’t use one of those tiny pen needles because I’ve heard horror stories of them breaking in the pod!

I didn’t think of using pen needles. Thanks.

Thanks you all. I just did my pod change and used the insulin from my pen. It was a pice of cake.