Is all Novolog created equal

I've been pumping for four months now, Novolog has always been my insulin. Novolog in Pens and now Novolog in my pump.

I have several pens left from my MDI days and I would like to use it in my pump. I'm sure I can figure out the mechanics of getting the insulin from a pen into my reservoir. I just need to know if it's the exact same thing and that I will experience no problems.

Can someone enlighten me? Thanks

Yes, at least to my knowledge, it is exactly the same. I did that with my Apidra when I started on the pump and had pens left, using them up before they expired. It's easy to just stick the needle through the top of the pen the same as you'd stick it into a vial to draw into the pump cartridge.

Thanks Zoe, I felt that it should be the same but was hesitant to try before I consulted my friend here at Tud.

Yes. THey are both U-100 insulin. Just make sure they are not expired.
I've used Novolog penfill cartridges to fill my pump without any problem.